About Juliet

Edinburgh copywriter
Juliet Rudman is a copywriter based in Edinburgh. 

I’m a freelance copywriter working from my new office in Edinburgh. I’ve been producing content for different industries for nearly ten years. My love of words and research make me the ideal choice for small businesses looking to engage with new and existing customers online.

What businesses benefit from copywriting?

Everyone. Because content is there to grab your attention. Because it’s there to engage an audience and compel them to take action. Good content makes customers take notice and remember you.

What industries do you write for?

The beauty of copywriting is that it is the perfect combination of writing and research – my two passions. I have experience writing for industries as diverse as travel, construction, education, and film. But with research and a bit of imagination I can write about any business or industry as if I’m part of it.

What services do you provide?

Digital marketing

Online marketing

Social media marketing

Content marketing

Content writing

Content strategy

Landing pages

Video scripts



Copywriting for small businesses

Copywriting for the construction industry

Content writing for the marketing industry