36 million ways to reduce our plastic waste today

36 million ways to reduce our plastic waste today

Today we’re encouraged to think about the effect our plastic waste has on the environment and how we can begin to undo the mess we’ve made. Today, on National Refill Day, like every other day, we will drink 36 million bottles of water. And that’s in the UK alone.

Because we’re binging on plastic

What’s the problem?

We’ve known for years that: ‘recycling is GOOD, waste is BAD’.

But it’s only been in the last year or two that the devastation we’ve caused with one-use plastic has become so visual, so impossible to ignore. We’re seeing statistics that over a million sea mammals and birds die every year, alongside pictures of turtles with straws up their nose and dead seagulls full of lighters and sandwich bags.

In the news this week an autopsy on a whale showed that it had died after swallowing EIGHTY plastic bags.

And nowhere is safe

We’ve even found that snow in the Antarctic, the world’s most remote continent, has been contaminated with micro plastic.

What are we going to do about it?

Did you know that if just one in ten of us reused a bottle once a week we’d save 340 million bottles from landfill every year? [3].

Imagine if we stopped using them all together?

We care, but do we care enough to do something about it? Because I refuse to use tiny plastic cups at work. I try to say no to straws and reuse my bags. Yet, like most people, I often forget to bring a refillable bottle on my travels and have to go to a shop for my guilty hydration fix. We all care. But we need to care enough to take action.

So what can we do to reduce our plastic waste?

  • Individuals – Carry a bottle. Find a bottle that you like enough to carry about. Spend enough of it that it won’t leak or start to smell. And the crucial part – carry it around.

There are increasingly more opportunities to refill your bottle for free as businesses become aware of the demand and their own responsibilities.

  • Businesses – Join the refill movement. City to Sea has started a movement called “Refill” that encourages businesses to offer free water to anyone with a reusable bottle. This is a great opportunity to take part if you run your own business. It needn’t be a fully altruistic pursuit. You’re welcoming potential customers onto your premises. And flaunting your social responsibility.
  • Hipsters – Drink an orb. If all else fails. Someone’s invented an orb made from seaweed that you can eat once you’ve finished your drink. Because that sounds super convenient to carry around in a bag.

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  1. Mrs Rachel Walton says:

    The big thing for me is remembering to take my bottle out with me!!
    I do however take a beaker with me to festivals which i insist is used to serve my beers & spirits in!

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